Blending and Segmenting Words

Blending and Segmenting Words

Teaching the skills of segmenting words on their own or in combination with blending sounds of words together aids in successful reading development.

While reading, young learners sound out particular words. In this process of sounding out these words learners will back-chain the sounds onto the same particular word.

For example, with regards to the word hat, this will be pronounced as [ h, a: ha, t: hat, ].

In reading classes, teachers call this form of practice visual blending. We call it this because sounds are being visually blended together by the readers. Visual blending is when a young reader repeats each sound of a particular word, falling back on the previous sound in the same word, blending all the sounds together.

Segmenting words is when a young reader separates each sounds of a word.

An example of segmenting a word would be,

The word the learner will see is bag. The correct response is to say the different sounds in the word bag.

Bag —-> correct response —-> b-a-g

These are both skills that are necessary for learning to read efficiently.

Visually blend the following words and then try find these words below!

1.Black     2. Block   3.Blow   4.Brush   5.Brick

Find Constant Blends BL and BR

Correct Response

1.b ,l: bl, a: bla, k: black,

2.b, l: bl, o: blo, k: block

3.b, l: bl, o: blo, w: blow,

4.b, r: br, u: bru, sh: brush

5.b, r: br, i: bri, k: brick

Steven Neveling

Senior Teacher

I Can Read, Hanoi