[NEW]: Never Ending Sentence Game

[NEW]: Never Ending Sentence Game

While your child is learning the parts of a sentence, a fun way to practice writing full sentences is this one-to-one game that will have you both putting your thinking caps on.

The idea of the game is that each person writes one word, as the pair completes a long, unique, and silly sentence. The person who writes a word that completes the sentence and requires a period will lose. Keep the sentence going as long as possible!

In this activity, the goal is not to create a logical sentence. The final result may not make sense, but your child will have fun seeing how a silly sentence can be made. And it will have you stretching your imagination and vocabulary, as well!


  1. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner goes first. (Don’t forget the beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter!)
  2. Each person takes a turn writing one word.
  3. Try to expand the sentence by using transition words (and, also, but, however, etc.). These words will help your child practice connecting ideas, even if they are nonsensical!
  4. Try not to criticise your child if they make a mistake and use an incorrect spelling or grammar form. Instead, have them read the sentence out loud and ask if they think it is correct so far. Gently guide them to correcting their mistake.
  5. The first person to write a word that requires a full-stop (or period) will lose the game.
  6. Have your child read the full sentence out-loud and have a good laugh together at the silliness of the sentence.

Happy writing!